Where to Buy HCG Drops Online: An Insider’s Guide

HCG Drops

Easy weight loss that targets your belly fat and allows you to keep your lean muscle mass is any dieter’s dream. The HCG diet offers that! All you have to do is follow a specific diet and take HCG drops. To follow the diet and gain the amazing results promised, all you have to do is buy HCG drops and start following the plan.

If you’re ready to get started, you’re probably wondering where to buy HCG drops or injections. The good news is that there are lots of sources of HCG. The bad news is that with so many choices, it can be hard to make a decision about which product or brand to try. We’re here to help! This post will cover everything you need to know about how to where to buy HCG, how to order HCG online, what to look for in a quality HCG product and more.

What Is HCG and Why You Should Buy HCG Drops

Human Chorionic GonadotropinWondering what all the fuss is about? Here’s the skinny on what HCG is and why you should consider using these seemingly magical drops as a weight loss aid.

HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone produced naturally during pregnancy. During the first few weeks of pregnancy, the hormone is present in high levels, making it the standard marker to confirm pregnancy in home tests. However, HCG levels can also indicate the presence of certain types of cancers associated with reproductive cancers.

So, what does it have to do with weight loss?

HCG was first used by Dr. Simeons to treat obesity in the 1930s and 1940s. He wrote his own protocol called Pounds and Inches to describe the diet that is still used by many individuals today hoping to lose weight. He was a well-known doctor in his time who worked hard to learn more about malaria, leprosy and the bubonic plague. In his work with HCG, Dr. Simeons discovered that patients were able to maintain a calorie restrictive diet without tiring or growing desperate with hunger. In addition, patients lost fat specifically, rather than lean muscle mass.

Today, many bloggers and doctors such as Dr. Oz agree that HCG can still play a positive role in weight loss. For this reason, individuals hoping to lose weight buy HCG online or seek treatment from doctors experienced with the hormone. The HCG diet continues to be popular because it works.

Where Can I Buy Human Chorionic Gonadotropin?

Before beginning your diet and getting started with the first phase of the HCG protocol, you’ll need to buy HCG. Because the weight loss aid is a hormone, you’re probably wondering where to buy HCG. Most people who follow the protocol buy HCG online. There are several reasons, the main one being convenience. Why leave your house if you don’t have to?

Another main reason it’s ideal to buy HCG drops online is that there are many quality products to choose from. One of the best products is HCG Complex. These HCG drops are high quality and very effective.  The many customers who use them obtain favorable results, meaning you can join the crowd and succeed with weight loss as well! Learn more about HCG Complex by clicking here.

Things to Consider When You Buy HCG Online

Buying any supplement online requires extensive research and precaution. You really have to prepare yourself before making your purchase to ensure that you’ll achieve results. We’ve put together a checklist of what you should look for when deciding where to buy HCG:

Not All HCG Products Are Created Equal

Because of the popularity of the HCG diet, the market for creating HCG supplements has burgeoned. On the one hand, a large supply is a good thing because it keeps the prices down. However, this also means that you have to weed out the bad products that aren’t effective. So, that means you should look at every product with a critical eye and avoid purchasing before you’ve had the chance to read about it.

HCG Inspired Formula or the Real Hormone?

There are a few different ways that HCG is made and sold including HCG inspired formulas and the real hormone. You can only buy HCG, the real hormone, with a prescription due to federal law. Many companies online are now offering a way for you to get a prescription through their on-team doctor who will offer you a weight loss evaluation and support. This is called telehealth and is growing ever more popular. In order to get the prescription, you’ll need to fill out an intake form and get approval by the doctor who may ask follow-up questions. Just about anyone who is overweight can get a prescription and order HCG online following approval.

Alternatively, you can purchase HCG inspired formulas which are made with ingredients that when put together mimic the HCG hormone. In fact, some of these formulas achieve even better results than the real hormone.

When it comes to choosing one or the other, it’s up to you. There are advantages to each. However, the real hormone is usually more costly and requires a bit more work on your end. Most real hormones don’t come ready to inject or take as drops. Instead, they come in powder form. While a few companies offer a pre-mixed option, most require that you mix the HCG powder with liquid. Why? The hormone lasts longer in powder form. Once you’ve mixed your HCG, it starts to break down, making it less effective. At a maximum it lasts three to four weeks after mixing. No matter how you buy HCG, when you get the real hormone, you should refrigerate it. When premixed, HCG is shipped in a cooler or with special cooling bags to avoid breakdown.

HCG Drops, Injections or Pellets

HCG Products In Drop FormThere are three main types of HCG products available on the market: drops, injections or pellets. You can choose any one of these methods, but most people prefer to avoid injections. This is because most people prefer not to deal with the hassle and unpleasantness associated with needles. Also, drops and pellets can be just as effective as injections.

HCG Drops: HCG drops are a liquid form of HCG that come in a small bottle with a dropper. You must take the drops under your tongue and hold them there for a short period of time before swallowing. Some drops may require refrigeration and there may be rules about how soon after you can eat. It’s easy to buy HCG drops because they are so popular.

HCG Injections: Unless you find a doctor who uses HCG (and even if you do), you’ll need to administer your own injections daily. Most people prefer not to go this route because they find giving themselves shots unpleasant. Some people may even bruise or experience inflammation at the injection site. However, most people don’t have trouble with this.

One thing to keep in mind with injections is risk of infection. You’re bypassing your body’s natural filters by injecting, so make sure you only buy HCG injections from a trusted company.

HCG Pellets: Also taken under the tongue, HCG pellets are essentially pills that you must dissolve. The only downside to this method is that you can’t adjust your dose, which you may want to do as you lose weight.

U.S.A. Made Vs. Foreign HCG

You may notice that HCG is available from a variety of manufacturers located around the world. Some are based in the U.S., while others come from overseas. Despite the fact that many customers report positive experiences when purchasing from abroad, there are some distinct advantages to purchasing a U.S. based product. What are they?

The main benefits of purchasing a U.S. made product include the regulations and shipping. Products made in the United States must follow regulations and meet certain quality standards. Both the real hormone and HCG inspired formulas must meet certain regulations that ensure customer safety. If you live in the US, shipping will be much faster for you if you order from a domestic manufacturer.

Despite the advantages of purchasing a product manufactured in the USA, there are some perks to purchasing a foreign made product. Particularly, the cost. Foreign produced HCG products are often cheaper. The difference might be quality, although that really depends. Many other countries also place regulations on products and there are plenty of reputable foreign companies. However, you’d have to carefully evaluate each country’s laws and the company’s reputation before purchasing.

HCG Complex: 100% Natural Dietary Supplement

HCH Complex diet side effectsLooking for a tried and true HCG product to try? If you’re ready to buy HCG drops, we suggest that you give HCG Complex a try.

A supplemental formula, HCG Complex offers an impressive combination of highly effective ingredients that work together to achieve weight loss. A favorite among HCG dieters, this supplement helps users maintain energy while targeting hard-to-lose fat for excellent weight loss results.


  • Manufactured in a GMP certified and FDA approved facility
  • HCG inspired formula containing high quality ingredients
  • Great customer reviews
  • Eliminates dangers of injecting a hormone
  • 30 Day Money back Guarantee

Who Makes It?

BioSource Lab is a US-based company that produces a number of weight loss and health supplements. Founded in 2010, the company is fairly young, but has already earned a great reputation.


This product contains over 25 ingredients that have been carefully selected for their synergism. Working together, these ingredients offer phenomenal weight loss results. The complex contains important amino acids that help you retain muscle mass. In addition, it contains nature’s best energy boosting and hunger reducing compounds such as green tea extract, guarana, maca, raspberry ketones, forskolin, and more. Rest assured that the product contains no sugar. Rather, to ensure a pleasant taste, the drops contain a small amount of stevia.

What People Who Buy HCG Complex Say

There’s nothing that boosts your confidence in a product like other satisfied customers. Learn what some of HCG Complex’s customers have to say about their experience.

I lost 13 pounds in just 17 days and felt great about it! No side effects were experienced and I was also able to maintain my energy. Nancy
I lost 8 pounds in just one week after taking HCG Complex. The drops also taste good. Jeanette

The Bottom Line

HCG Complex’s carefully researched ingredients work hard to help you create optimal conditions in your body for weight loss. When used alongside the HCG diet protocol, HCG Complex will help you lose a pound a day or more! Skip the synthetic hormones and encourage your body’s natural production of hormones that maximize your weight loss.

Side Effects of HCG

Side Effects of HCGBefore you buy HCG and get started on the diet, you need to make sure the product of your choice is safe for you. The reality is that taking some supplements and medications can produce serious side effects. So, what can you expect with HCG?

Positive Pregnancy Test

If you take the real HCG hormone, the first side effect you can expect is a positive pregnancy test. Yes! The HCG should make it into your bloodstream and the rest of your body, resulting in a positive home pregnancy test. So, women hoping to go on the diet may want to confirm that they’re not pregnant before getting started on the diet and taking the drops or injections. This will give you peace of mind that you aren’t indeed pregnant, even if a test were to show otherwise.

Other Side Effects

A range of other side effects can affect your body when taking the hormone HCG such as headaches, tiredness, swelling of the ankles or feet, mood changes, and allergic reactions. While these side effects aren’t common, they can indeed occur. It’s best to consult with your doctor or stop taking HCG if you notice these side effects.

HCG Inspired Formula Side Effects

When you take a product that includes other ingredients intended to mimic the effects of HCG, side effects can be diverse and will depend on the ingredients. Always check ingredient lists carefully for substances you may be allergic to. In addition, read the instructions carefully and note any side effects listed on the product.

How Much HCG Should I Buy?

A natural question that arises when looking to buy HCG is how much to buy. How much will you need? It depends. There are two different possible protocols to follow: one is 43 days and the other is 63 days. Then, you could consider taking a break and then repeating the protocol again to lose more weight. So, first, you’ll need to determine which plan you’ll be on and how many days you’ll be taking HCG. You only take HCG during the phases one and two of the diet, which means you’ll need to take HCG for 21 days or 42 days when following the diet.

When you buy HCG, the hormone, it usually comes in kits that are designed to help you make it through the protocol. In the same way, other HCG formulas come in quantities ideal for following the protocol. That being said, the dose for each person will vary slightly.

Recommended Dose of HCG Drops

When you buy HCG drops, you’ll soon figure out that most recommend a dose of 10 drops three times per day. However, some people adjust the dose to take 15 drops twice a day, while others increase the dose to take 15 drops three times a day. Depending on your goals, amount of weight you have to lose and other factors, you may need to adjust your HCG dose while dieting for maximum results. For this reason, it’s wise to have a little bit extra just in case you need more drops to meet your changing dose needs. Typically, a 2 oz bottle is enough for the 43 day protocol and you’ll need two bottles when doing the 63 day protocol.

What Diet to Follow With Your New HCG Product

The HCG diet relies on a combination of factors to help you achieve amazing, fat-busting results. Not only must you buy HCG drops and take them, you must also follow a very specific diet. What is the diet? This section will offer a brief overview of the diet and what you can expect.

Original or Modern Protocol

The original protocol created by Dr. Simeons was very strict. Those following this diet must only eat 500 total calories each day during the diet phase. As you can imagine, this can be a struggle for many individuals since to maintain the same weight, people are advised to follow a 2000 calorie diet.

More recently, a modern protocol allowing 800 daily calories was developed by another doctor, Dr. Richard Lipan. This diet was developed to make the diet more doable for patients. Either protocol is sure to help you lose weight. To better understand the difference between the two protocols, you can read our detailed article explaining the difference between the original and modern HCG protocols.

The Phases of the HCG Diet

Woman Eating Healthy Food and On HCG DietOnce you buy HCG drops, you’re ready to start the diet. Here’s a brief overview of the phases of the diet:

Phase 1 (The Loading Phase)

Lasting 2 days, phase 1 of the diet allows you to eat whatever you want. During these two days, you begin taking the HCG drops to build it up in your system. The name “loading” perfectly describes this phase as you’re encouraged not only to eat whatever you want, but to binge. This means you should feel free to eat lots of calories and enjoy high-fat foods.


Taking the time to load up your body with calories helps prevent you from entering into starvation mode when you begin the strict calorie diet. It can also help you reduce cravings that you might experience in the later phases of the diet.

Phase 2

This is the difficult stage. In phase 2 of the HCG diet, you’ll follow either a 500 or 800 calorie diet. Depending on the length of the protocol you’re following, you’ll need to be on this restrictive diet for 3 to 6 weeks. During this phase, you’ll only eat foods from an approved list and prepare them based on the diet’s guidelines. You’ll also continue to take HCG during this phase.

If following the 500 calorie diet, you’ll eat two meals plus one snack in a day. For breakfast, you’ll just have some tea or coffee (no creamer or sugar!). For those following the 800 calorie diet, you’ll have three meals and one snack per day. While on the diet, you should drink plenty of water.

What will your meals be like?

The diet encourages users to eat one protein in each meal, with a focus on chicken eggs and cottage cheese as the main proteins. Red meats and tuna can be eaten up to three times per week. The other part of the meal is usually vegetables. Fruit is also consumed as the snack.

To give you an idea, here’s a list of approved foods for phase 2 of the HCG diet:

Chicken Breast
Cottage Cheese
Sea Bass
Beet Greens
Chicory Greens


You’ll have to weigh your meat or protein to make sure you only eat 400 grams. Other foods should be eaten in moderation to ensure you meet your 500 or 800 daily calorie requirement.

Phase 3 (The Maintenance Phase)

In this phase of the diet, you seek to maintain your weight loss. During this phase, you no longer take HCG and your restrictive diet is slowly lifted. If you noticed, phase 2 restricts your carbohydrate intake completely. During phase 3, you will continue to avoid carbs but increase your caloric intake to 1200 to 1400 calories per day. Towards the end of phase 3, you can begin to reintroduce carbs slowly. In addition to watching their diet, many HCG enthusiasts begin exercising during phase 3.

Once you’ve completed the diet, you may still have a few more pounds to lose. However, before beginning the diet again, give your body a few weeks’ break. This way, you can prepare your body for the difficult diet stage during phase 2.

When you’ve reached your goal weight, all you have to do is maintain your weight. By eating a healthy diet and exercising, you can keep the weight off and  live a healthy lifestyle.

Are you ready to change your life with the HCG diet? Now that you know where to buy HCG drops, how to choose them and have an overview of the diet plan, you’re ready to get started! All you have to do is make a final decision on the HCG to buy and prepare for your diet by purchasing the food you’ll need. Before you know it, you’ll be making great progress towards reaching your goal weight as the fat slides right off.



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