Privacy Policy

We understand how important privacy is for our readers and we encourage you to take the time to read the following privacy policy before using our website.


We live in a world where we rely on computers and the Internet on a daily basis. We use it for directions, recipes, trivia questions, advice, making new friends, shopping and connecting with the world around us. The Internet is a giant super highway of information, and it is critical that you are always aware of how your information is cruising down that highway.

We want to be as upfront and transparent as possible when it comes to your information and how it is used on our website. We recommend you read through our basic privacy terms and familiarize yourself with how this website handles privacy and security.


Our website uses cookies, which are little files that are transferred to your hard drive when you visit a website. They are used to collect data and remember specific information about how you use a particular website. These cookies help us understand web traffic, and tell us more about who is visiting our site, when they’re visiting and what part of the world they live in. It helps us shape our website to help the people who use it the most. We do work with a third party to help us understand all of the information that the cookies are telling us, but they do not use the information for themselves, and only look at it as a way to help us understand our website’s visitors more thoroughly.

Terms and Conditions

Please take a look at our comprehensive Terms and Conditions. The terms and conditions can be updated at any time.

How We Get And Use Your Information

Anytime you fill out a contact form, submit a question or comment, or submit a submission form, you’re giving us your information. We use common third party services like Google Analytics, to understand how our users are using the site. We have widgets connected to social media on our site that also collect your data and analyze how you are using the website.  This is something almost every major website does, and it used to create the most user-friendly experience for everyone.

Your Consent

Simply by using the site, you are giving us your consent to use your information in the ways we have explained. The privacy policy can change, but we will post changes on the website and make you aware of any updates


If you do decide to unsubscribe to emails and/or newsletters from us, a simple click on the unsubscribe button on our website or in an email is all it takes. We do not keep your email or private information, and won’t give it or sell it to anyone else, and it’s easy and secure to sign back up at any time.

Talk To Us

We want to be as open and honest and transparent about our policies as possible. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy or our terms and conditions, there are 2 ways you can reach a real person who will get back to you quickly.

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