HCG Pills Help Dieters Lose Weight and Keep It Off

HCG Pills for Weight Loss

The hCG diet plan that was first developed by Dr. Simeon in the 1950s remains a viable and successful choice for dieters who wish to lose weight and keep it off by resetting their metabolism. Many dieters who want to try hCG turn to drops or injections but there is another convenient option, hCG pills.

HCG Pills are a Popular Option for Weight Loss

HCG diet pills for weight loss are relatively new. They are quickly becoming a very popular option because of their convenience and ease in taking. In the past, hCG pills for weight loss were not as effective as other methods but this has changed. Nowadays, pills are extremely effective

What is an hCG Diet?

Some would-be dieters have heard the term, ‘hCG diet’ but they are unsure exactly what it all means. HCG stands for Human Gonadotrophin. It is a natural hormone that is produced by the human body. During pregnancy, the human body produces hCG to nourish the fetus. The hCG hormone encourages the human body to burn its fat reserves to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Dr. Simeons, a British endocrinologist, first discovered the wonders of hCG for weight loss during the 1950s. He is considered the founder of the hCG diet protocol. Initially, the Human Gonadotrophin used in the diet was given by injections but nowadays it is commonly used in droplet form or pills.

HCG Drops or Pills?

HCG Pills For Losing WeightDrops and pills are far easier to take over injections for some people. Nowadays, a variety of companies make hCG in drop and pill form for use in weight loss diets. With drops, a user places a few drops under their tongue to or three times per day. The drops are placed beneath the tongue because of the abundance blood vessels that are located there. The drops are readily absorbed through the thin tissue and enter the bloodstream rapidly, so the body can better utilize the hormone.

HCG Diet Pills Can be Used with Both Traditional and Contemporary 2.0 hCG Diets

If you have decided to try the successful hCG diet, then you should give serious consideration to using hCG diet pills instead of the more traditional methods of drops or injections. The pills are convenient and very successful to utilize in both the traditional hCG diet designed by Dr. Simeons or the contemporary revision of the traditional diet known as the 2.0 hCG diet designed and developed by Dr. Zach LaBoube author of, ‘HCG 2.0: Don’t Starve, Eat Smart and Lose: A Modern Adaptation of the Traditional HCG Diet’.

History of hCG Pills

Historically, hCG pills were a far less effective way to take hCG. The pills were ineffective at providing the hCG to the body. Some of the hCG was digested by the body and entered the bloodstream but the rest was flushed out of the body through the natural elimination process. It was also difficult for users to manage to take the correct amount of hCG to truly be an effective dietary aid because there was no way to gauge how much the body would process and how much would be eliminated.

How RDT hCG Pills for Weight Loss Work

HCG Pills for Weight Loss WorkMedical advances have allowed hCG pills to become highly effective. This is due in a large part to the development of Rapid Dissolving Tablets (RDT). When a dieter takes an RDT, the pill rapidly dissolves in the body so that the hCG is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and does not go through the entire digestive process that filters it out of the body. The revolutionary design of RDT hCG pills for weight loss has made the pills the most effective diet pills available today. The hCG goes into the body’s bloodstream so that the dieter can reap the weight loss of benefits of it when used in combination with a low-calorie diet. It has truly revolutionized how some people lose weight.

Pills Are Easy to Take

With hCG diet pills there is no longer any guessing when it comes to dosage. The pill is an effective intake method that allows you to successfully measure the correct amount of hCG that to take every day to attain your weight loss goals. There are no precise calculations required. You simply take the correct number of pills each day to receive the necessary hCG to lose weight and reset your metabolism.

Where Can I Buy hCG Pills?

Now that you have made the decision to try the hCG diet you are probably wondering, “Where can I buy hCG pills?”  Well, the easiest place to purchase the pills is online. Most retailers that sell hCG provide you with the option of buying hCG diet pills.

What Kind of hCG Diet Pills Should I Buy?

Various HCG Pills For Weight LossThe big decision now is what kind of hCG should you buy?  There is a wide array of hCG pills and drops available that have built stellar reputations in the diet industry. Both pills or drops can effectively be used to either undergo the traditional hCG diet or the 2.0 version.  There are three leading brands that consistently come out on top of the hCG marketplace for superior products: hCG Complex, Easy hCG, and hCG 1234.

  1. hCG Complex: hCG Complex is created by BioSource Labs LLC. It is a United States based company. It is formulated in FDA-registered and GMP-certified laboratories in the USA. Unlike other hCG sources, the hCG Complex is 100 percent natural. It can be used with either the hCG diet 500, 800, or 1200 calorie diet protocol. It has no harmful side effects. When you order the hCG Complex it comes with complete instructions for dosage and how to successfully undertake the diet plan. You simply take the hCG, follow the diet, and lose the weight.
  2. Easy hCG: Easy hCG is made from 100 percent natural hCG. The product is homeopathic HCG and is made in an FDA approved lab located in the USA. The company’s product also contains arginine which builds up the body’s immune system and increases the healing process of the body’s tissues and cells. In addition to arginine, Easy hCG also features L-Carnitine which increases the body’s metabolism in addition to the hCG. Research shows that L-Carnitine combined with hCG helps accelerate the breakdown of stored fat, so the body can convert the substance into fuel and energy. Ornithine is another key ingredient in Easy hCG that improves the body’s metabolic functions. It also supports the kidneys and the liver.
  3. HCG 1234: hCG 1234 is manufactured by Creative Bioscience. All the laboratories for Creative Bioscience are in the United States in GMP-approved facilities. Their product, hCG 123, is GMO-free, gluten-free, and vegetarian/vegan-friendly. The formula is highly efficient because its dosage has been tripled. Their hCG diet drops have no bitter taste, unlike other products that feature grain alcohol. Instead, the alcohol has been substituted for a natural product that is far tastier. The product offers weight loss management and appetite control which are highly beneficial for hCG diet users.

Buying hCG

HCG drops can easily be purchased online, in a store, or using a physician’s prescription.  You can buy it in drop, pill, or injection form. Ultimately, which way you decide to administer the product is your own opinion. However, most people prefer the ease of either hCG drops or hCG diet pills. Both are easy to use, simple to store, and readily available. If you are wondering, ‘where can I buy hCG pills?’  When buying, always pick only top manufacturers of hCG.

Picking the Brands of hCG

When picking which brand of hCG is best, you should evaluate each company closely. Also, be sure to look at the ingredients listed for each product. Many hCG products feature additional ingredients besides pure hCG. If the product you are thinking about using has additional ingredients, then be sure to evaluate each of the active ingredients.

Which hCG Product is Best?

hCG Complex (1st choice), Easy hCG and hCG 1234 remain the three top hCG distributors. All three offer superior products that work well with any diet plan. When used in conjunction with either a traditional hCG diet plan or the new, modern 2.0 hCG diet plan they are effective and will readily help you lose the unwanted pounds and reset your metabolism so you keep the weight off.

If you are seriously considering trying the hCG diet to lose weight, then you will want to purchase your hCG pills or drops before you start your diet. Pills are easy and readily available so many people choose to take them instead of drops. Either hCG diet pills or drops will work effectively to help you lose weight and keep it off.



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