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How to Determine Your hCG Dosage for Weight Loss

Man and the HCG dosage

Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a common dietary aid used to effectively accelerate weight loss. The hormone is key to helping the body use its own fat to promote energy.  The use of the hormone as a dietary aid was first proposed by a British doctor named Albert Simeons in 1954. The weight loss pioneering doctor suggested that a low-calorie diet used in conjunction with injections or drops of human chorionic gonadotropin would effectively spur the individual to dramatically lose weight.

The benefits of a human chorionic gonadotropin focused diet include:

  • Accelerated weight loss
  • Energy boost from fat being converted to energy
  • Feeling of satisfaction
  • Lean muscle mass is maintained even when the body’s fat reserve is being depleted
  • Reduces appetite
  • Skin does not suffer from excessive sagging which is so common with other weight loss methods

When utilizing hCG drops or injections as a dietary aid to achieve the weight loss you should not experience hunger if you have optimized your dosage correctly. Even if you are consuming a 500 calorie-a-day diet, hunger pains will be a thing of the past if the hCG dosage for weight loss is correct.

Understanding Your Hunger on hCG

Paying close attention to your body and your level of hunger will indicate if the diet is successful. Obviously, if you are always hungry then the diet will eventually fail. Nobody wants to live in a perpetual state of famishment. Under the correct hCG diet dosage, you should feel physically satisfied because your body is successfully utilizing your fat reserve for energy. If your dosage is too high or too low then you will either maintain your current weight or start to lose muscle mass.

Signs of the Correct hCG Dosage for Weight Loss

  • Man eating healthy foodYou should not feel hungry throughout most of the day.
  • At meal times, you will feel a little hungry but not starved.
  • After you eat a meal you will feel physically satisfied for several hours.
  • If you suffer from blood sugar issues then you may require small snack in the morning as a pick-me-up.

Common hCG Dosage Required to Reduce Hunger

Injections and drops are the two most common ways to take hCG.

Injections: The common hCG diet dosage ranges from 125 iu to 175 iu when using injections. It is not uncommon for women to require a dose as high as 200 iu. Menopausal women often only require a dose as low as 75 iu. Men tend to require a dosage of around 200 iu to successfully curb hunger. When first starting out, 125 iu is usually the lowest dosage recommended for successful weight loss. Overall, a lean person requires a lower dose. Individuals with only 15 lbs to lose will usually do best when taking 125 iu.

Many people mistakenly believe that a high hCG dosage will be more effective but that is not always the case. If your dose is too high, such as 200 iu to 250 iu you will start to feel famished. Lowering the dose to 125 iu and then increasing the level by 10 to 15 ius per day to determine when your hunger dissipates then you will know that you have successfully reached the correct hCG dosage for weight loss.

Drops: Drops are the most common way that most people use hCG. Typically, the user will place eight to 10 drops directly under the tongue using an oral syringe three times per day. Many users use up to 15 drops of hCG three times per day. However, just like with the injections, you may have taken fewer or more drops to achieve the results you desire.

After placing the hCG drops under your tongue, you should wait at least 60 seconds before drinking any liquid. You should wait at least 30 minutes or more before you eat any solid foods after taking the drops.

Always keep your hCG drops in a cool dark location to prolong its shelf life.

Gauge Your hCG Diet Dosage

Woman choosing pizza over saladIf you are experiencing hunger after three days of consuming a 500 calorie diet using hCG then you need to adjust your dosage. Remember, hunger is your enemy and will ruin your weight loss regime. However, even on the correct dosage, it is perfectly normal to start feeling a bit hungry a few times of day but feeling starved is not normal. After you eat your small meal, you should feel completely satisfied and not be craving more calories than about 200 per meal.

  • End of Day Hunger: Any time you start to feel hungry at the end of the day then you will need to adjust your hCG dosage. End of the day hunger usually indicates that your dosage is too low.
  • Early Day Hunger: If you start to feel hungry early in the day then your dosage is probably too high. A dosage of hCG that is too high for your body will cause you to feel hunger, not lose weight, and sometimes even lose muscle mass. Remember, when it comes to hCG diet dosage too much is not a good thing.

Meals Per Day

While dieting, you will eat only two meals per day. One in the evening and one at night. Your calories will be limited to only 500 per day for the first six to eight weeks. This is the stage of the dietary plan when you will experience the most intense weight loss. In some cases, up to one or more pounds per day.

Will you Feel Full on an hCG diet?

Many people mistakenly believe that they will feel full just like if they went to an all-you-can-eat buffet but that is not true. You will feel satisfied but not overly full. Most people experience a significant empty feeling in their stomach but that they will not be starving. During the few days of your 500-calorie-a-day diet you will feel a little more famished then you will as your diet progresses.

Carb Withdrawal

Modern society has conditioned the body to crave carbs and during the first week of your hCG diet, you will experience a level of crab withdrawal if previously you have been a heavy carb user. This does not mean that your body will be starving but your mind will tell you that all carbs look delectable and your mind craves the taste. It may take several days to overcome a carb withdrawal. Focus on a diet of low carbs and high fats. You need to cut out grains, nuts, and sugar completely. If cutting out carbs completely from your diet is just too hard then reduce your carb and sugar intake significantly for the first few days of your diet and then eliminate them entirely. This reduction method gives your body time to get used to the hCG and reduced calories without also having to deal with carb withdrawal.

Suggested Dietary Foods

Suggested dietary food for hcg dietYour two meals per day should ideally consist of a vegetable, a fruit, a piece of bread, and some form of lean protein. These parameters are extremely lax and actually give you the opportunity to choose from a wide array of healthy food choices that are sure to satisfy.

Weight Loss Averages With Correct hCG Diet Dosage

When utilizing an hCG dosage via drops or injections for weight loss you can expect to lose 10 to 15 pounds of fat every 30 to 40 days. The weight loss is based entirely on fat loss and not muscle.  Men sometimes experience more significant weight loss.

hCG is a Pro-hormone

The right dose of hCG will significantly reduce your hunger. It is considered a pro-hormone that actually assists your body in making more hormones. Hormone deficiency is a common cause of weight gain, especially in pre- and post-menopausal women, individuals who suffer from thyroid problems and leptin resistance. When you add hCG to your system then your body starts to make its own hormones.

Muscle Mass and hCG

Injections of hCG prevent you from losing muscle mass by elevating the body’s hormone levels such as testosterone. This creates an anabolic state that successfully combats a catabolic state. Your muscle fibers actually contain hormone receptors that quickly respond to the increased hCG hormone in your system.

Prevent Muscle Loss With the Correct hCG Dosage for Weight Loss

If you go on a crash diet you might start to shed the pounds quickly, but you will be dropping both fat and muscle which is not healthy. Your body’s metabolism will actually start to slow in an attempt to prevent muscle wasting. When you return to normal eating, your body will not rebuild your lost muscle but will instead increase your fat reserves. It takes a great deal of physical work to regain the muscle lost during a crash diet. This is why it is imperative that you prevent your body from shedding muscle fiber and instead encourage it to drop unwanted fat with the correct hCG diet dosage.

Added Benefits of No-Muscle Loss and the Ability to Build Muscle

You will lose no muscle but you will also build leaner muscles while dieting. The muscle increase actually helps your metabolism which means you will lose even more weight. You will develop a leaner body that features even greater muscle mass.

What Does Real Hunger Feel Like?

Remember, when undergoing an hCG diet plan if you feel hunger or physical weakness then your dosage will more than likely need to be tweaked. Many people become confused about what exactly constitutes true hunger.

  • Man feeling weak and hungryGrowling Stomach: If your stomach is rumbling and growling then you are not truly hungry.
  • Empty Feeling: An empty feeling is perfectly normal and not to be confused with genuine hunger.
  • Cravings: It is not common to crave foods, although in some situations uncontrollable cravings are a sign of dosage problems. However, the basic craving for tasty foods like donuts or chocolate is not true hunger but only your body and mind missing the taste of just delectable foods.

True hunger is a sensation in your abdomen that is almost painful. Physical weakness is another indication of hunger. If you start to experience true hunger then you are going to need to adjust your ratio of hCG accordingly to ensure that you lose fat and not muscle.

Lack of Electrolytes Causes of Physical Weaknesses

If you start to feel weak or exhausted you may be suffering from an electrolyte imbalance. Many people mistakenly start to consume an excessive amount of liquid in an attempt to alleviate a growling tummy or fill the empty feeling. They think that water is a good thing. Well, in moderation water is great but if you flush your body with too much of the liquid then you will start to suffer from an electrolyte imbalance which often causes physical weakness and an overall feeling of weakness.

The Three Phases of a Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Focused Diet Plan

Your body will undergo three phases when you opt to use hCG.

  1. Loading Phase: This is the first initial phase of the dietary plan. For approximately two days you will focus on consuming a normal diet that is high in fats and fried foods. This is helping build up your fat reserve before you start your diet.
  2. Main Phase: The main phase of the entire dietary plan is often referred to as the maintenance phase. At this point, you use your recommended dosage of human chorionic gonadotropin and limit yourself to a 500 calorie-a-day diet. This phase will last 21 to 40 days. At this critical stage, in your dietary plan, you should be focusing on consuming only small cuts of meat, limited fruits, and only non-starchy vegetables.
  3. Final Phase: At this phase, your body has adjusted to life on a lower calorie diet and it has probably tapped into your at reserves so you are probably experiencing a considerable amount of fat weight loss. You can now increase your caloric intake to 800 to 1,000 calories. Remember, do not immediately start consuming such a large amount of calories. Instead, increase your intake calories slowly over approximately three weeks. The additional calories should still remain starch and sugar-free foods.

Never Double Your Dosage

No matter how tempted you might be, doubling your dosage of human chorionic Gonadotropin will not accelerate your weight loss plan. In fact, it will have the exact opposite effect. You will either plateau or you will start to gain weight. Doubling the ratio can also cause a rapid heartbeat. An overdose may cause a threatening reacting.

Tailoring your hCG dosage through injections or drops for weight loss to fit your unique needs is the best way to achieve success. All bodies are different and you will have to determine your unique hCG diet dosage to achieve the most dramatic weight loss while still maintaining lean physical muscles.




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