HCG Diet Reviews: What You Need to Know About the hCG Diet

HCG Diet Reviews

A significant amount of promotional material has been released about the hCG diet in the last fifty years but one of the critical ways that would-be dieters know that the plan is a success if by reading real hCG diet reviews that show the surprising results achieved by dedicated weight loss enthusiasts.

HCG Diet Reviews

Woman successful in her HCG DietHere are several  hCG diet plan reviews that are written by individuals who have tried the diet with great success:

“In 2002,  I used the hCG diet to lose almost 90 pounds. Every other diet had failed me, but the hCG diet plan was a success. I not only lost a significant amount of weight but I have kept it off using the skills and habits from the hCG diet protocol created by Dr. Simians. In 2017,  I had a baby and gained some weight, but I immediately went on the hCG diet again and lost 45 pounds and have kept it off with no problems.

“Losing weight on the hCG diet has been great, but another added benefit is that it has changed my approach to food. I now understand portions and ingredients. Now my lifestyle and eating habits are truly healthy.”

“When I asked for my honest opinion and experience with the hCG diet I was happy to proclaim that this diet truly works.” — Jen USA  (1)

Another stellar review:

“During my pregnancy, I gained 70 unwanted pounds. I went from a size two during my pre-pregnancy state to a size 12 in my post-pregnancy state.  I was given four months maternity leave by my employer, so I was determined to use my time away from work to focus on dieting and lose my unwanted weight. Over the course of two and a half months, I lost only 20 pounds. I was very discouraged. One day, I was tracking my calories using a smartphone app, and an advertisement for the hCG diet came up on my screen. I was immediately interested. I started to research the diet, and I ordered some hCG drop. The hCG diet worked miracles. I lost 35 pounds in 45 days. Even after I stopped using the hCG, the pounds continued to fall off. I am not back to my pre-pregnancy size 2. I am so very thankful for the hCG diet.  It truly works.” — Jenny B. (2)

“When I was in school my classmates used to make fun of me and call me fat. Sometimes I felt furious, and other times I just wanted to cry. It was so bad that I even thought about leaving school, but my parents refused to let me drop out. I was so lonely as a result of my weight. Nobody would even sit by me in class.”

“When I entered college, it wasn’t any easier. All my friends would wear fashionable clothes, but I refused to dress like they did because I was afraid that I would look odd because of my weight. I never liked to go to parties or join my friends for other functions because I was always embarrassed by the way I looked. I was constantly depressed.”

“Then one day, a friend told me about Dr. Simians hCG diet protocol. I knew was going to be a tough diet but I also knew that it might work. I was afraid of taking hCG injections so a friend suggested that I get hCG oral drops.”

“I started the diet and strictly adhered to the 500 calorie per day rules. I was determined to lose weight. I did consume a lot of high calorie foods during the loading phase which I think helped me be successfully during Phase II.”

“During the diet, I did not starve. The entire plan truly reset my metabolism. I was losing a pound a day. I always drank plenty of water during the entire diet. I also slept very soundly at night. At first, I did not lose weight but on the fifth day, I noticed that I had dropped five pounds and after that, it was a pound a day.”

“My weight loss has been so successful that many people don’t even recognize me because I have lost so much weight. I feel like the hCG diet reinvented me.”

“I am now pursuing my post graduation in Management and I am even modeling. I have managed to keep all of the weight off. The hCG diet is truly revolutionary. I suffered no side effects from the hCG diet. I feel fantastic after losing so much weight. I highly recommend this diet plan for anyone who is serious about not only losing weight but changing their entire life so that it is healthier.” — Jenny Age 23 USA (3)

According to the following reviewer, the hCG diet changed her life:

“I had been fat for most of my life. I was born into a family with six children. Three of the kids had great metabolisms and three did not. My three lean sibling always ate whatever they wanted but the rest of us had to watch what we ate. I wasn’t fair. I exercised, danced, and did the same things that my lean siblings did but they were always skinny and I was always fat. I joined Weight Watcher when I was only ten years old. I was serious about losing weight even as a child but it didn’t work. I lost a bit but then I would put it all right back on and more. I became a lifetime Weight Watcher member because I was constantly dieting and failing. I tried every diet imaginable with every little success. I used diet pills, exercised, and starved myself. I was always in a bad mood. I would lose a few pounds but then gain it all back. I was so frustrated and discouraged. I was obsessed with my weight. I didn’t like to go shopping, on fun outings, or to the beach because I was always so embarrassed about the way that I looked. I have had nine babies and after the birth of my last infant I just gave up trying to lose weight. I couldn’t bear the thought of going through another unsuccessful weight loss program. I was resolved to the fact that I was always going to be heavy. I was just fighting my inevitable fate.”

“One day, my sister Linda read a book about the hCG diet. She said that it made perfect sense to her. She explained the diet to me and then she started to research even or more. She did capture my interest when she told me about the hCG diet. It was intriguing. Maybe it would work? However, I was so discouraged from all the other failed attempt that I felt like it was probably too good to be true. Well, she decided to do the right and she quickly shed twenty pounds. I told myself it was just a fluke. However, she encouraged my mom, cousin, and friend to also try to the hCG diet and they started to shed pounds. At that point, I was convinced and ready to give it a try. I have now lost 45 pounds thanks to the hCG diet. People keep telling me how good I like but more important than anything is the fact that I feel good. I am also happier than I have ever been in my life. The hCG diet has been life changing for me.” — Leanne, USA (4)

hCG Diet Drops Reviews

hCG Diet Drops ReviewsIf you have been inspired by the reviews of dieters to try the hCG diet plan, then you are probably trying to decide if you should use injections, pills, or drops. All three forms of hCG are effective but most people opt to use hCG drops because they are widely available and easy to use.

In a recent article by Food and Nutrition, hCG drops were reviewed. HCG Complex and, hCG Triumph came out as their leading choices for hCG diet drops.

  • hCG Complex:  hCG Complex is manufactured by BioSource which is a leading, high-end lab that is focused on helping individuals lose weight. They have a proven track record for producing high quality products that are 100 percent FDA approved. The top quality ingredients and the superior lab all make this one of the leading hCG diet drops available. It has a record effectiveness of 98.5 percent according to BioSource.
  • hCG Triumph: HCG Triumph is also made of high quality ingredients that are 100 percent FDA approved. The company that makes hCG Triumph is Triu Naturals. They are home to a state-of-the art lab that is tailored to create top-of-the-line hCG drops. Also, the product is certified by Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for the utmost purity.  HCG Triumph is sold in handy kits. You can purchase a 26 day kit that will help you lose 20 to 25 pounds or you can go for a 40 day kit to lose 45 pounds. They also sell different bundles to fit each person’s unique needs and requirements. Overall, their most popular kit is the 26 day kit. Triu Naturals even stands behind their products by offering a guarantee. They have a 99.3 percent success rate.

Real Life hCg Diet Drops Reviews

Mila reviewed the hCG Triumph products, “These are excellent hCG drops. I lost 100 pounds in under six months. While using the hCG drops, I really wasn’t all that strict with my calorie intake but I still lost weight. I experienced no hunger pains and I felt fantastic. The company’s customer support was excellent. They even promptly re-shipped my order when it was lost in the mail. I am very happy with this hCG drops and their superior customer service. I will definitely use Triumph hCG drops again. ” (5)

Priscilla said this about hCG Complex, “I had started to put on an excessive amount of weight, and I needed to get it off fast. I had heard about the hCG diet from a few of my friends and family. I had even witnessed their success so I figured I would give it a try. I started the diet when I was weighing 143 pounds. I have lost 23 pounds with no effort and the best thing is that I have actually kept the weight off. From the minute that I started the hCG diet, I started to notice the inches disappear. Some mornings, I even though my scale was broken because I was losing weight so quickly. I averaged a weight loss of one to two pounds per day. I never experienced any side effects. In fact, I was not hungry at all and I felt fantastic. My diet consisted of 500 calories per day and I always felt satisfied. The hCG definitely helped keep me satisfied with the reduced calories. This diet made me start to watch what to eat. I never want to go back to my previous weight again. I exercise regularly, go for nightly walks, and consume very little sugar. The post-hCG diet maintenance has been very easy. I want to live my life healthier and remain active. In fact, I feel healthier and I am more active than ever before. I also feel like I look fantastic. I still have five more pounds to lose to reach my goal of weighing 105 pounds. I can’t believe I am almost back to my high school weight!”  (6)

Undoubtedly, the hcg diet plan reviews are impressive. You probably can’t wait to order your hCG drops, either hCG Triumph or hCG Complex, so you can embark on your weight loss journey. The above testimonials and hCG diet reviews should not only provide inspiration but also let you know that weight loss is attainable. Not only will you lose weight but you will also keep it off with only minimal work. Your metabolism and lifestyle will be transformed so you can live a healthier and happier life with your newfound weight.



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