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The Loading Phase: hCG Diet Recipe Plan for Phase 1

HCG phase 1 plan and recipes

You are committed and ready to embark on your hCG diet plan. You have your hCG drops or injections and you are now prepared to start creating your hCG diet plan phase 1 outline. You are probably wondering what you can eat during such a critical phase.

Understanding the Critical hCG Loading Phase

Lady eating food in a bowl,The Loading PhaseThe first phase of the hCG diet is known as phase 1 or the loading phase. Many people may mistakenly believe that such a short phase is not that important but, in reality, it is critical. HCG phase 1 lasts for two or three whole days. Many people who have successfully done the hCG diet once or twice before and are repeating it to lose even more weight look forward to the loading phase because they can truly enjoy whatever high calorie, high-fat foods that they dream about.

The loading phase often called the binge phase, is the time to load up on thousands of calories. HCG takes three days to properly enter your system. Eating a diet high in fat and calories gives hCG time to circulate throughout your body. Ultimately, the phase will help prevent fatigue, loss of energy, and extreme hunger when you enter phase 2.

Here is a breakdown of your hCG Diet Plan Phase 1

The first two days, you can eat anything you want. Yes, that is right. During the first phase, you are free to eat whatever you crave. Many hCG experts tell first time hCG dieters to use the first day to indulge in whatever you truly like. Consume high-calorie and high-fat foods for 24 hours. The key is just to enjoy your food for a day before you embark on changing not only your body style through weight loss but also your entire metabolism.

Why is Loading Up Important?

The phase of hCG Loading up is critical because you are going to feed your body ample fat and calories so it can literally load up and prepare itself for the hCG diet during phase 2. This helps your body avoid the starvation mode that many other diets force your body into. It also increases your liver enzymes which will help you diet successfully.

It’s All About the Fat During the Loading Phase

During the loading phase of the hCG diet plan phase 1 it is truly all about the fat. You are encouraged to consume fatty foods to your heart’s content. For the first three days do not even step onto a scale because the chances are good that instead of losing weight you will actually gain weight but, rest assured, this is the natural process of the hCG diet. You are supposed to gain weight and load your body up on fat. You will actually be gorging yourself.

Taking your hCG During Phase One

Yes, during phase 1 you will be taking your hCG drops or injections. In fact, it is imperative that you start your hCG at the same time you start gorging yourself on high calorie and high-fat foods. This is going to encourage your body to function correctly so you can lose weight when you drop your calorie intake down during phase 2 of the hCG diet.

Reasons Why You Need to Load Up

You might be wondering why exactly you need to load up on the fat and calories. Well, here are just a few reasons why it is critical to your diet’s success.

  • Prevents starvation mode
  • Prepares your brain for the lack of calories
  • Prevents cravings during phase 2
  • Gets your liver in shape for fewer calories
  • Restores missing fat reserves that may have been depleted by previous diet failures

Dr. Simeons Suggested Foods for Phase 1

Eggs as suggested HCG diet phase oneDr. Simeons, who was the creator of the hCG diet plan during the 1950s, outlined some food choices for his patients to indulge in during the phase 1 stage.

  • Bacon
  • Eggs
  • Bread with thick butter and jam
  • Fried meats such as fatty pork
  • Mayonnaise
  • Whipped cream
  • Sugar
  • Milk chocolate
  • Pastries’

Embarking on the First Day of Your hCG Diet

On your first day, you should wake up in the morning and take your very first dose of hCG drops or injections.  Wait at least fifteen minutes before and after consuming your hCG before you eat anything. Now it is time to begin your loading phase.

Loading Phase: Breakfast

Here are a few fun hCG breakfast hCG diet recipes phase 1 choices:

Breakfast: Toast some bagels and spread ample amounts of cream cheese across the tops. You might even want to try some flavored cream cheese to boost the calorie count. You can also opt to enjoy regular toast with globs of butter and jam. Eggs are also another ideal choice so why not whip up an omelet with cheese and pork sausage. Other options include pancakes with butter, French toast, yogurts, pastries, and even donuts. Don’t forget a nice big glass of whole milk to wash everything down.

One fun hCG diet recipes phase 1 choice is Iced Cinnamon Coffee:

  • Brew a pot of fresh black coffee
  • Add a pinch of cinnamon to a cup of coffee and mix
  • Stir in two or three teaspoons of sugar
  • Add ice cubes to cool the drink
  • Heap whip cream on to the top of the iced coffee and sprinkle cinnamon across the fluffy cream or drizzle it with caramel for added taste.

This fun Iced Cinnamon Coffee can also be blended with ice to create a frappe style drink.

Loading Phase: Lunch

Lunch is a great time to enjoy a hearty meal that boasts high calories and lots of fat.

French onion soup is one of the great hCG diet recipes phase 1. You can add a few pieces of bread to create a filling and hearty mid-day meal choice.

  • Heat one 10 oz can beef consomme
  • Add one can of water
  • Dice up 12 ounces of sweet onions and add
  • Mix 1 tsp dried thyme
  • Grill 2.2 ounces of beef sirloin steak. Thinly slice and chop. Add to soup.
  • Add 1 tbsp of butter
  • Heat to boiling and add salt to taste

Loading Phase: Dinner

Dinner should be several items that you truly enjoy.  Grill up some big steaks, cook a lovely pork roast or barbecue kabobs.

Whatever you make for dinner, why not whip up some Friendly Barbecue Sauce to dip your favorite foods into.

  • Chop up a couple of stips of cooked bacon
  • Dice one small onion
  • Mince one clove of garlic and add a bit of garlic powder
  • Add a 6 ounce can of tomato paste
  • Mix 1 can of cola
  • Add 1.4 cup of catsup
  • 3 tbsp of mustard
  • 1 tbsp of Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 tbsp of hot sauce
  • A pinch of ground cloves
  • Mix it all together with ½ cup of water.

Now you are ready to dip all of your favorite dinner foods into the hearty barbecue sauce.  You can even use it to marinate your meat before grilling. If you really like it then you might want to make a double recipe of it.

Beverages Also Matter During Phase 1

Beverage for hCG DietWhat you drink matters when you are trying to increase your calorie intake during phase one. There are innumerable yummy concoctions that you can create and enjoy.

Here is a recipe for cold Frosty Limeade that is sure to tantalize your taste buds and quench your thirst.

  • Pull the juice from half a lime. You can even add a bit of pulp if you are pulp fan.
  • Now mix in two or more juicy strawberries.
  • Fill the blender with six to eight ice cubes
  • Add ample sugar to sweeten the beverage.
  • Blend it all together to form a blended beverage.

You might want to top it with heaps of whipped cream to really sweeten up the drink. Finish it with a wedge of lime perched on top of the whipped cream. This is truly a sweet, refreshing Southern favorite that you can enjoy any time of year but during the hot summer months, it can really hit the spot.

You can also opt to enjoy a thick milkshake or malt made with ice cream and lots of whole milk.

High Calorie Snack Choices

During the loading phase why limit yourself to just three meals per day. Instead, you should consider high-calorie snack foods such as chips, cookies, cakes, crackers, ice cream, or even a candy bar.

When you enter the hCG diet plan phase 1 you can really eat whatever you dream about. However, focusing on high-fat foods will be highly beneficial to your overall diet success. Top choices always include eggs, dairy, nuts, seeds, and avocados. You can sit down with a bag of tortilla chips and include a bowl of guacamole for dipping.

Ultimately, how closely you follow both hCG phase 1 and phase 2 will dictate how much weight you lose plus if you keep off the pounds, and how you feel during the entire process. The key to success is to focus on the hCG diet plan phase 1 and then coast into phase 2.

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