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About us – As a team of experts in the field who are deeply passionate about health and fitness, we strive to provide only relevant and focused content to you, our readers. On our site, you’re not going to find the fluff and filler other nutrition websites might want to offer you. We take weight loss and peoples’ health goals seriously, as seriously as we take our own. With that in mind, you can be confident that we are providing you with scientifically proven methods of weight loss, not get-skinny-quick schemes or fads that will eventually fall as quickly as they rose. How do we do this? We’re independent. We’re not owned by any company or industry that sells products in this market. Nor do we have any sponsors that do so either. This helps us stay unbiased and able to deliver you the most informative and honest content you can find from people who know the industry and are respected experts in their fields.

We focus on specific foods, diet ideas and trends, keys to getting fit, and plenty of other health related ideas. The road to getting fit is a road the whole body and mind travels down and we take that seriously. We know that getting you the right information can be critical in your health and ultimately, your quality of life.

Since we only use real research in our discussions, you don’t have to worry about reading inaccurate or false information. We give voice to all sides of the arguments and create our content based on our expert level understanding of the data. We have a meticulous team of writers and professionals who scour the research to make sure that our stories are up-to-date. Your health is our highest priority, which means we do everything in our power to continually update, research, and renew our message. We believe being fit is not a destination but a lifestyle. A road that you never leave. Some parts of that road may be steep, hazardous, or difficult to traverse, but we are here to help you through that road. The road to being fit means constantly breaking and resetting your goals. It means always changing the finish line for yourself. That is our philosophy in our content, to always be adapting, learning, and striving to give you the most current and pertinent information.