5 Ways to Lose Belly Fat After Cesarean Delivery


It’s often common belief that after you have your baby everything will just go back to normal.  The problem is there is no perfect return to “normal”, especially if you have experienced a cesarean section.

Unfortunately, along with all of the other postpartum issues you may face, dealing with a healing belly that’s been surgically damaged isn’t pleasant.

How Do You Lose Your C-Section Tummy?

So after your doctor has stitched you up and prescribed the typical pain reliever, what else can you do?  You’re already beyond exhausted and desperately trying to adapt to your new life with a newborn.

The aches and pains may be subdued, but what about helping your belly heal?  Here are a number of easy home remedies you can do with many desired benefits to lose your c-section tummy.


Breastfeeding triggers your body’s natural hormonal responses to shrink your uterus and belly back down to its regular size.  The natural production of breastmilk burns many more calories and takes the needed energy from your additional fat gained during pregnancy.

So breastfeeding literally shrinks your organs and your dear love handles.  This is quite literally the most naturally intended option for your body.

After your baby is born, their natural instinct is to latch and nurse almost immediately.  Even though you delivered via c-section, you are still able to nurse and just as long and successfully as other mothers who deliver vaginally.

It just takes your commitment.  So believe in yourself.

Wearing A Girdle

The idea of strapping something around your middle may seem extreme and excruciating, especially if you’ve never done so before.  But the added, gentle compression will actually support your tissues from the outside.

  • Just a little bit of pressure will actually reduce strain on your scar tissue and your spine, allowing you to be more comfortable while in such a transitional state
  • Many girdles have pockets designed specifically for women who’ve had c-sections, allowing you to place a small ice pack on your wound site
  • Some can cover even down over your hips in order to help pull your pelvic space back together

All in all, the desire is to increase comfort and assist your belly in pulling itself back together.  However, if you are more uncomfortable using a girdle or belly wrap, you certainly don’t have to insist upon one.


The thought of physical exertion after childbirth and even surgery may seem ludicrous at first.  And you certainly don’t need to be out building your core like an olympian.  But even doing some simple, gentle exercises on a regular basis will help your muscular support system reattach and solidify.

Some simple exercises include:

  • Crunches– do these gently, just barely lifting your shoulders off of the flour while laying on your back
  • Compressions– exhale fully, pulling your belly button toward your spine, then upward behind your ribs
  • Cat/cow– on all fours, gently curve your spine upward while holding, then pressing fully downward and holding, rocking your pelvis with it

Just starting with one single exercise will make a big difference.  Build upon the previous day by adding more repetitions or a new exercise in order to gradually increase your strength.

Never continue if you feel additional pain because you certainly don’t want to make things worse.  Take small steps one day at a time and you’ll soon find that your belly starts to crave the exercise in order to feel well.


This amino acid plays a major role in healing because it’s primarily used for building protein in your body.  But when you’ve received an injury, especially with added stress on top of that, your body needs much more.

You can easily add a glutamine supplement alongside your daily dose of prenatal vitamins.

  • Just pick some up right at your local grocery store
  • If you expect to have a c-section before it occurs, it can help additionally to start taking Glutamine a few days before your surgery.  Easy!

Taking up to 10 g per day (or as recommended by your doctor) will help provide your body the additional building blocks it needs

Applying Salve

After you’re able to remove any bandages that were originally placed on your belly, you can apply a soothing salve or moisturizer to promote comfort on the surface.

Many natural essential oils are excellent for

  • wound repair
  • reducing inflammation
  • and just plain making your belly feel better

Apply as often as you like.

**Now for a bonus tip!


This essential oil should truly be your favorite of all time.  Countless studies show its many benefits for relaxation, calming effects, and now even pain management.

  1. When you inhale diffused lavender oil immediately after your surgery for the first 12 hours, you are more likely to have greater pain relief  than having just narcotics alone.
  2. Then once you’re at home, keeping lavender by your side will greatly help you to relax during such a stressful time.

I highly suggest this as an indirect way to help reduce your c-section tummy because if you are not relaxed and pain-free as possible, you cannot easily do other things like exercise to more greatly heal your belly.

So keep that lavender oil handy so that you can more effectively implement the more effective modes of healing.

How To Bring Them All Together

You certainly don’t have to every single one of these.  But they each approach healing your belly from different directions.  So adding them together will provide maximum results.

Of course, only you can decide what is best for your personal situation and comfort levels.  But I’m sure there’s something here that will get you excited to try.

Here’s a timeline of implementing these methods in an orderly way to best have them work together for maximum benefit.  Applying all the possibilities in your favor to reduce that c-section tummy is most desirable.

  1. Lavender essential oils immediatelyafter your cesarean and for the next few days
  2. Glutamine supplement with all your mealsas long as you feel that you’re healing, upwards of at least a few months postpartum
  3. Breastfeeding as soon as the baby is ready, then for as long as you’re able to or desire to nurse your baby
  4. Wear a girdle as you deem comfortablefor at least the first few weeks after your surgery
  5. Apply a salve once you’re able toon a regular basis a few times a day for as long as you like
  6. Exercise after you feel ready to do so,at least a few days after you’re home at the very earliest

You’ve been through such a tough time and you’re going to be so much stronger for it!  Even though you a scar that may be undesirable, it is a mark of pride that you can still wear proudly because of the little gem that you’ve brought into this world.

Remember that your body is different than everyone else’s.  Healing takes time, especially when reducing your tummy after a c-section.

Be patient.  Be consistent, and you’ll soon find that your belly will no longer be in your way.