24 Hour Detox: Yes, They Really Do Work!


Detox diets have been around for centuries, with men and women all around the globe doing their best to rid their body of toxins in the hope for a healthier body.

With detox diets as popular as they have ever been, the question is, do they actually work?

What is a Detox Diet

In simple terms, detoxing is like pressing the reset button on your body. We all live in a world in which we are surrounded by chemicals, whether it be in the processed foods that we eat or from environmental pollution.

The human body naturally rids itself of toxins via the liver, but nature does need a helping hand from time to time, especially if you have overindulged.

Detoxes can help your body get rid of the toxins that are more stubborn for the body to shift, such as Bisphenol A (known as BPA) which is found in modern plastic products and environmental toxins that can lead to diseases such as cancer.

During times when your body and mind is under stress, purifying your blood through your diet can give you the peace of mind that you need in your hectic lifestyle.

Signs That You May Need to Detox

  • Feeling tired all of the time
  • Bloated tummy
  • Weight gain
  • Poor skin
  • Constipation
  • Cravings
  • Bad breath
  • Poor concentration
  • Moodiness

Benefits of Detoxing

The obvious benefit of a 24-hour detox is that you will rid your body of toxins and chemicals that have made their way in there through food and hygiene products.

The toxins that enter our body are to blame for many common diseases, but getting rid of them will also have the following health benefits:

  • Increased Energy
  • Reduced Stress
  • Deeper Consciousness
  • Improved Food Choices
  • Reduced Craving
  • Rids the body of excess waste
  • Supports weight loss
  • Reduces bloating
  • Improves skin
  • Leaves hair feeling healthy and looking shiny
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Easier bowel movements

Looking After Yourself While Detoxing

It is important to listen to your body while you are detoxing so that you do not put your body under too much strain. Drinking plenty of water and leaving strenuous work until after your detox is very sensible, and if you do feel light-headed, it is important to rest a little.

While detoxing, it is also a good idea to give your lymphatic system a helping hand through massage and brushing, which will stimulate the body to remove impurities more efficiently.

Exfoliating your skin and exposing your pores to open is also a great way of ridding waste and it will leave your skin looking years younger, too.

If you feel tempted to snack while detoxing, it may be an idea to get a friend or family member onboard so that you can motivate each other to stick to your plan.

Taking a friend on your healthy living journey can be very beneficial in your quest to maintain your goals long term.

What to do After Your Detox

In his book ‘The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet,’ Dr Mark Hymantalks about the future of food and how everything that we eat, whether it be in the school canteen or at office parties, has an effect on our health.

With this in mind, it is essential that you enter a cycle of healthy eating rather than continually bingeing and then detoxing.

If you are struggling to stick to a healthy diet, it would be a good idea to keep checking our blog for nutrition tips and yummy new recipes that make healthy eating fun, instead of a chore.

If you are a regular visitor to my website you will know how much we speak about the importance of staying hydrated and I cannot stress enough how important it is to drink enough water each day to keep flushing out those toxins.

5 of The Best Detox Diets

There are many variations on the 24-hour detox, with different methods suiting different people. Here are 5 of my favorite detox diets:

  1. Livestrong This 24-hour detox diet is centered on the use of lemons and is recommended to be carried out every 10 days.
  2. Women and Home– I love the vitality soup recipe that makes detoxing much more fulfilling than you would expect it to be.
  3. Raw Food Diet Center– Juicing is a very popular way to detox as it is easy to do and is a great way of eating food that you usually do not like to eat.
  4. Detox Water– Detox water is water that has been infused with the flavors of fresh fruits and helps the body get rid of toxins and improve energy levels.
  5. Every Green Herb– This interesting diet uses herbs including milk thistle seeds to cleanse the liver and clears the mind.

When you first start your 24-hour detox you may find it a struggle, but it will soon get easier and you will be motivated by the successes of your previous detoxes. I am always here for support along the way and there are plenty of celebrities offer advice on how to survive your detox.

If you want to give your wellbeing a boost, a 24-hour detox is the perfect way to kickstart a healthier new you, so the answer to the original questions is that, yes, detoxes do work! Give your body the break that it needs and start your detox today and let me know how you get on.